Our oils and paints are maintainable, i.e., surfaces treated with them stay durable and fine with simple maintenance measures without having to redo the work from the beginning.

Our oils

- consist entirely of unsaturated fatty acids of linseed oil, made non-biodegradable through pre-polymerization, which also gives them the desired viscosities and drying times. They dry excellently, are durable and mould resistant.
- dry, i.e. harden by polymerization with the oxygen in the air into linoxyn, a natural polymer which is water repellent and resists fats, petroleum products, salts and household acids
- are produced with our unique refining process, which originates from the golden era of linseed oil paints in the late 19th and early 20th century, and which we have developed and refined with modern process technology

We produce oils for protecting and polishing woods and porous stone materials, for rustproofing and as binder in our linseed oil paints.

Our linseed oil paints

- are made with our oil as binder
- are painted to covering but not overly thick coats and still dry through without skin forming. They are non-biodegradable and therefore durable and mould resistant.